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Developing and Sustaining Employee Engagement

Making employee development a priority within your company culture ensures your team stays well-informed on industry trends and best practices, as well as equipped with new skills. 

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The onboarding process is the first experience that impacts employee morale. We can incorporate play and gamified strategies to clarify the onboarding activities and connect with existing employees so that they complete actionable tasks. We include strategies for engaging management and team members with the employee onboarding experience. 



We assist companies to leverage their expertise, data, and experience to create team-building experiences. Whether the goal is fun, education, or connection, we provide play and game-based activities to help achieve the goals and metrics for all involved.

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Team Meeting


Sometimes employees may have an interest in being a part of a project but may worry about such things as having the ability to negotiate, connect with teammates, or share their critical thoughts. These are distinctly human capabilities that can be learned and applied while depending on little or no data to be performed: soft skills.


We understand some of the most valued soft skills currently in the job market based on industry. We teach these skills within a gamified environment that appeals to team members across the organization.




The annual evaluation and a solutions box are strategies of the past. We partner with you to determine ways that motivate and satisfy through continuous and responsive feedback conversations.


We also focus on the recognition experience. We look at ways to provide equitable, yet unique experiences such as peer recognition and more equitable compensation.

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